Make your taste buds go boom.


Crush goes way back

In 1916 Clayton J. Howell partnered with Neil C. Ward to create the Orange Crush Company. The word "crush" was added to the original soft drink's name to refer to the process of extracting oils from oranges. Today, Crush comes in 6 flavors sure to bust open your taste buds.

A canvas full of flavor

This larger-than-life digital poster smoothly animated between Crush products, flying the user across a giant canvas flooded with flavor. Whether it be the electrifying citric surge of Orange, the daring berry flavor of Strawberry, the ground-breakingly bold Grape, the velvety dribble-down-your-chin ripeness of Peach, or the sun-drenched tropical luau flavors of Pineapple, this site ensured a Crush flavor experience for everyone.


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