Fashion re-commerce meets AI.

Ahluwalia Circulate

Bringing new life to old garments

Sustainability in fashion, at scale

Designing clothes that use repurposed materials has allowed Ahluwalia to set an example in the industry, proving that fashion as a whole can be more renewable. Now, with the development and launch of Circulate, customers can also directly contribute to upcoming Ahluwalia collections by "up-cycling" their gently used garments.

Computer vision for quality control

Customers can browse upcoming Ahluwalia collections and submit their used garments by uploading photos and videos directly from their mobile device. Using AI-powered image analyis, submissions are auto-magically labeled and organized by fabric, color, size, and garment type.

A virtuous cycle of renewability

The custom-developed Circulate platform allows Ahluwalia to approve and process customer garments, manage inventory intake, and generate shipping labels from a single system. Customers earn points towards Ahluwalia merchandise for each approved item, and the donated garments are recycled into limited-edition Ahluwalia collections.


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