Risk management system for New York's Metroplitan Transportation Authority.

With more than 4300 buses, 6250 subway cars, and 8800+ trains operating across five boroughs — and 5.2 million daily riders under their watch — the MTA RISCS Application serves the unique insurance claims needs of New York's Metropolitan Transportation Authority. RISCS is a custom risk-management platform built for handling rigorous data entry across an array of devices.
We took on the challenging assignment of designing and developing a sleek, intuitive UI for the RISCS application. This involved building custom UI controls, complex multi-function datagrids and other form components, while maintaining the MTA's strict guidelines for accessiblity. RISCS launched in mid-2008, saving the agency an estimated $10MM per year in false claims.
  • Disciplines
    • IA/UX
    • UI Development
    • Javascript, Ajax, XHTML
    • JSF (Java Server Faces)