On The Road with Chevy

Sharing 100 years of Chevy history - take an interactive trip down memory lane.

Enjoy 100 years of Chevy history in this interactive jaunt down memory lane. Watch a video series that centers around Bridgeville, Pennsylvania, home of the Colussy Chevrolet, one of the oldest Chevrolet dealerships in the country. Users are invited to share memories of their Chevy experience by pinning photos and videos to the map.
Under the hood, this site's technical engine packs some horsepower: custom Drupal on the back-end, with a Backbone.js/GMaps API mashup on the front. Social signin using Facebook/Twitter APIs allow users to pin their memories of Americana to the map. Also, a custom Rackpsace server cluster was built using Nginx and MySQL to provide redundancy through this high-trafficked viral campaign.
  • Agency Mother New York
  • Disciplines
    • UI Development
    • Drupal + Custom Mods
    • Backbone.js + JQuery
    • GMaps API + Geocoding
    • Rackspace Cloud Hosting